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When you Google “make money online,” you get about 192 million results.  This can make navigating the world of online business very confusing.  But if you boil it all down, your online business will probably fall into one of two categories:

  1. Selling your stuff online
  2. Selling other people’s stuff online

Regardless of which category your online business will fall into, you are going to probably want to start with a website.


Features of a Great Website

Wordpress Blog ExampleThere are many great websites out there.  You know them when you see them.  But what exactly are the criteria that make a website one that you will want to visit again and again?  Here are just a few:

Great Content

Let’s face it.  It all starts with great content.  Without great content, a website is nothing but a pretty picture.  One of the biggest mistakes people make online is spending all their time designing the appearance of their websites and then fill it with almost no substance.  To get regular visits to your website, you need to post interesting content relative to your potential customers’ interests, and you need to update it regularly.  Doing this will ensure repeat visits to your website as well as help your website show up in search engine results.

Minimalist Design at Reddit

Attractive & Appropriate Layout

World of Swiss
World of SWISS: Beautiful and Functional

The appearance of your website come a distant second behind the quality of the content.  I used to believe that it was a close second, but when you consider the popularity of sites like Reddit or Craigslist, you realize that appearance is really not all that important.  In fact, unless the content of your website requires lots of pictures or videos, I prefer a simpler layout.  It results in faster load times, which brings us to the next feature of a great website.

Quick loading

This was a huge issue back in the old dial-up days of the Internet.  It became less of an issue with the saturation of high speed connections, but it is starting to become more of an issue again.  The reason is so many websites are loaded up with ridiculous number of advertisements that it is really slowing things down again, especially on mobile devices.  Everyone has followed those clickbait links on Facebook that say things like, “20 Celebrities who Have Lost a Ton of Weight,” or one of the other hundreds like it.  Not only are these sites ridiculously slow to load, but they spread the “20 celebrities” over 20 pages, so you could sit there for 30 minutes trying to find out who lost a ton of weight and, more to the point, see the before and after photos.  Don’t bog down your website.  You will probably want to monetize your site eventually once you start getting more traffic.  Just don’t go overboard.

How to Build a Website

One could write pages and pages about how to build a website.  I do not want to get into all the details here.  However, I would like to include a couple of pointers to get you started.


wordpressAt the heart of it, WordPress is basically a blogging site.  However, it is also one of the best platforms for designing a website.  In the early days of the Internet, anyone designing a webpage had to learn HTML and write their webpages using this “foreign language.”  It was more like writing a computer program than what you think of today when designing a website.  WordPress now has editors that make most of that HTML stuff obsolete.  It is actually more like typing in Microsoft Word than writing a computer program.  Other features of WordPress include:

  1. Hundreds of themes
  2. Multiple page capability
  3. Ability to publish on your own domain

This website was designed using WordPress.  Doesn’t it look great?

Quick recommendation: Enable comments on your pages and posts.  Your website will be much more successful if you engage your readers and allow them to provide feedback.

Click here for direction on adding comment capability to your WordPress posts and pages.

How Many Hours Will It Take to Build My Site?

In the past, you could spend hours designing and setting up your website.  But did you know you can build your website in under 30 seconds?  I know, you don’t believe me.  I wouldn’t believe me either, except that I have proof.

Click this picture to see the proof!

Build a Website in 30 Seconds or Less

If you are ready to get started, simply enter your desired website name in the space below and click “Build it Now.”


Hopefully, I’ve given you some useful pointers for creating a great website.  Once you have created your website, come back here and post a link to it in the Comments section for some free traffic.

Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “Building a Website

  1. This article was actually very helpful. Of course, I already knew most of this info due to the fact that I work for a website already. However, the instructions and tips you included in here can definitely assist many newcomers to online marketing in their progress towards success. You’re right, appearance is a distant second, just because functionality and content are very important. Great article.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Christopher. I understand what you’re saying. An expert at building websites will not find much useful in this article. I meant it to be a companion to the Getting Started Page to help people just getting started see that building a website doesn’t have to be a monumental task. You can get started rather quickly.

  2. Andy,
    Very basic information on building a website. I like the two biggest points that are the biggest mistakes most make when building a website, too many adds and too fancy. The person who is searching for your information is only searching for your information, not how much glitz you have managed to cram into the screen.
    KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) works so much better.
    Need to point out that Word Press websites come with thousands of plugins to help you with the navigation and building of your website. Too many of these will bog down your site also.

    1. Thanks for the comment, John. You’re absolutely right. I have seen so many websites bogged down, usually with tons of ads, but plugins as well. Sometimes when I’m on a mobile device, it takes so long for the website to load that I get tired of waiting and don’t even look at the site. It’s definitely a good idea to keep those plugins to a minimum amount.

  3. Great information, thank you. You site is so clean and easy to follow. I do have one question, how many plugins is too many? And how do you know which are the ones to keep?

    1. Hi, Merry. Thanks for your comment. Regarding plugins, the problem with having too many is that it can bog down your website and make it really slow to load. That makes it frustrating for readers, and I believe it can hurt in Google rankings too. I try to keep it at five or less. Which ones you keep is up to you, but the ones I like are:

      All in One SEO
      Pretty Link
      Ultimate Social Media PLUS

      I used to have a Captcha one as well to limit spam, but from what I’ve been reading, I hear WordPress has some built in spam filters that work pretty well, so I deleted that one. I figure I can add it back if I start having problems.

  4. Hi, Andy. I love your website and all. When I was a student of design one of my teachers used to tell us to remember that ‘less is more’. It took me a while to grasp that concept. I’ve seen websites that have a ton of things happening. KISS is the way to go. Btw it’s also good to avoid putting fancy backgrounds and overdoing images

    1. Thanks, Leonard. I like the KISS philosophy. Of course, there are place where it’s good to have lots of graphics, video and pictures, but it needs to fit in with the content. Just being flashy for the sake of being flashy doesn’t work. It has to contribute to the content.

  5. Well things have certainly got easier these days – I remember coming online several years back to build a website and I was lost within the first hour or so. I took about a month before I realized I was completely out of my depth!
    This site rubix platform seems to be a great cure for the coding age of websites – how many sites have you built with it?

    1. You are right, Chris; it used to be you needed extensive knowledge of HTML and an expensive webpage software to build a website. Site Rubix definitely makes things easier. This site was built with under the Site Rubix platform. I have not built any other sites with it… yet. I am still working on building out this one, but my premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate includes 50 websites, so I have plenty of opportunity to expand when I’m ready.

  6. I have learned a lot since I have started to build my website. although i can be a lot to learn, the motivation to succeed drives me. I must agree that word press is very easy to use and works great for building a site. I confident as long as keep pushing, I will reach my goals of success. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Ralph. I agree that without the right training, building a website can be a little overwhelming. But as you can see, it can be really easy. But the more you learn, the more confidence you will have and the easier it will get. Just keep going and don’t give up.

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