Gomez Peer Zone Review


In the niche field of making and saving money, there are two types of opportunites.

  1. Opportunities with the potential to make or save a lot of money – like this one
  2. Opportunities with the potential to make or save a little bit of money – like these

Gomez Peer Zone falls into the second category.

Gomez Peer Zone

Overall Rating: 4-out-of-5-stars1

Price: $0

Website: www.gomezpeerzone.com


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You can see my Earnings and my Status: Pending

Gomez Peer Zone is a company that its customers hire to run performance tests on their websites.  Gomez uses PEERs, or remote computers, to test its customers’ websites.  This is an efficient way to run these tests, not only because it allows Gomez to use other people’s computing resources instead of using its own, but also because many times, the customers want to know how their websites perform when interacting with computers in different geographic areas.  That is where we come in.  We are the PEER’s.  And Gomez is willing to pay us to do this.

It works like this:

  1. Go to the Gomez Peer Zone website and register.  It’s free!
  2. Download the Public Peer software and install it.
  3. Get paid.

I mentioned that this falls into the “little bit of money” category, and that is correct.  You will not get rich with Gomez Peer Zone.  You will not be able to quit your day job.  If you want an opportunity that may make it possible for you to replace your full time income, Click here!  But you will earn money, and you won’t have to do a thing to earn it.

How much money will you earn?  It depends on your processing time and location.  Some locations pay better than other locations based on the company’s needs.

How about computer performance?  Most people will notice no change in performance.  However, people who demand a lot of computing power, like gamers or video editors, might notice a slight reduction in performance.  If performance is affected, you can temporarily disable it until you’re finished.

Now there is one caveat of Gomez Peer Zone.  I say you will earn money, and that is true; you can open the program and see your accumulated funds increasing as you stay online.  However, they might not actually pay you the money.  Here is why.

When you first run Gomez Peer Zone, you will see your account status as “Pending.”  You will only get paid if your account status is “Active,” and the only way to change your account status to “Active” is to stay online for a period of time running the PEER program.  How long?  Who knows.  Some people wait a couple of weeks while some people wait months.  It all depends on the needs of Gomez Peer Zone and its customers, and there is no guarantee that you will ever be activated.


Pros and Cons


  • Free money for doing nothing
  • Can designate the money go to charity instead of yourself
  • No effect on computer performance
  • Can install on multiple computers for increased income


  • Amount earned is small – If you are looking for a full-time income, check out my #1 Recommended Product!
  • May take a long time before account becomes “Active,” if ever
  • May not want to install at work (tested websites may show up in logs)
  • Not available for Mac (PC only)


Who is Gomez Peer Zone For?

Gomez Peer Zone is for anyone who has a PC and wants to earn a little extra money with no work required.


Tools and Training

You don’t have to do anything other than register and install the program, so there really isn’t any training requied.  The only tool is the PEER program.



The website offers a pretty comprehensive FAQ.  If you cannot find answers to your question there, you can contact them via email.  However, you can expect three business days for a response.



The cost of Gomez Peer Zone is $0.  There is no paid option, so no credit card is required.


Final Verdict

Rating Recap

thumbs-upGomez Peer Zone

Overall Rating: 4-out-of-5-stars1

Price: $0

Website: www.gomezpeerzone.com


I don’t see much downside to Gomez Peer Zone.  Sure, you may have to wait a long time to be activated, if you ever do get activated (no guarantee), and the money you earn will be small, but we’re talking zero investment and zero work other than installing the software.  That’s why I think this is definitely something everyone should try.

Click Here! to register at Gomez Peer Zone!


What do you think?  Do you think this sounds like a good deal?  Have you tried it for awhile?  What is your opinion of it?  Drop me a Comment below.

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Gomez Peer Zone Review

  1. worked for a month, then i didnt get paid.
    There is no way to contact them if things go wrong. I’m still showing as an active peer.

    emailed them repeatedly, no response so they they managed to consume about 100gb or bandwith for nothing and left me hang out to dry.

    It may not be a scam but you can certainly feel cheated if they just stop paying you for no reason and there is NOTHING you can do about it

    1. Hi, John. I am sorry to hear that about Gomez Peer Zone. I know that can be frustrating. I am still listed as pending, so I already am not getting paid, but I definitely agree with you that as an active peer, you should get paid as they promise. I will continue to keep it running to see how it works once I am approved and active. Thanks for the feedback.

      1. i just remind myself thats its money for nothing and my internet is unmetered 4g so very little has been lost.

        How long have you been listed as pending?

        1. John, I have been online for about two months now with a pending account status. I knew it would take some time, though. I actually have it running on three different computers, which is something I really like; the more computers you have access to, the more money you can earn. Of course, if I discover that they have a pattern of not paying out, I may have to rethink my rating. As you said… there’s no cost, but the entire purpose for doing it in the first place is to make a little money with almost no time or effort invested.

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