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Remember the old days of clipping coupons?  There are people out there who love that.  I tried it for awhile, and I personally do not understand the appeal.  It takes a lot of time, and all you don’t save that much unless you buy a bunch of stuff you didn’t want in the first place, which defeats the purpose.  Internet coupons are a little better, but you still have to be able to find them… except you don’t anymore.


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What exactly is Honey?  Honey is a browser extension that automatically applies coupons while you are shopping online.  Once Honey is installed, it runs in the background doing nothing until you visit an online retailer.  It then does the following:

  1. Try CodesWhen you visit the retailer, the icon changes from grey to orange.
  2. A small number appears at the lower right of the Honey icon.  The number refers to the number of coupons available for that site.
  3. When you are ready to check out, a popup appears letting you know how many codes are available.
  4. Click “Try Codes!” and Honey will check every coupon code and, if multiple coupons are valid, will apply the one that saves you the most money.

Additionally, even if no coupons are available, several online retailers have partnered with Honey to offer HoneyGold, Honey’s version of reward points.  Simply spend money at these retailers with Honey running in the background, and you will be rewarded with HoneyGold, which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.


Pros and Cons


  • Save money in the form of coupons
  • Save time by eliminating the need to search for coupons
  • Get reward points
  • $0 cost
  • Seamless


  • Most codes do not apply
  • Only available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera; more coming soon
  • Not available on mobile devices; may be available at a later date


Who is Honey For?

Honey is for anyone who shops online.



Honey is 100% free to the user.  In some cases, if you discover a coupon using Honey, Honey earns a small commission from the merchant.


Final Opinion

There is really no downside to using Honey.  Most of the time, you forget it is there, until you are shopping online and see the popup letting you know there are codes available to save you money.  And while it has been my experience that most codes will not apply to your current purchase, it only takes one to save you money.  That’s it.   It’s simple to use and can save you lots of time and money.

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If you have tried Honey, I would love to hear your experiences.  Do you love it?  Hate it?  Post your Comments below.

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Get Your Amazon Coupon Code Here!

  1. Ever since my wife introduced me to coupons I’ve been obsessed with saving money anytime I buy online. This seems like a fanatastic idea, no more hunting around various sites looking for the right code. I’m sure this will save me a lot of time

    Thank you for writing about this!

    1. Honey was a complete no-brainer for me. It literally requires no effort other than clicking on “Get Codes” at checkout. It’s true that many times the codes it tries don’t work, but many times they do. And for the ones that don’t, some sites qualify for Honey Gold, which gives you points that you can redeem for gift cards later. I love this add-on. LOL

  2. Hey Andy,

    I totally agree on using Honey, there is really no downside. I have actually been able to use it with plenty of success, and actually I got an email the day saying I had earned reward money…? I am not even sure what it’s referring to but I guess if you use Honey enough times you can get even more free money? 🙂
    Thanks and good luck!


    1. I use Honey every time I shop online, Justin. There isn’t always a coupon, but it’s great to have an add on that will check for me so I don’t have to spend time searching. It really is a no brainer. Everyone should install Honey.

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