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You may remember John Crestani from his first money making program, Super Affiliate System.  Or maybe not.  You don’t need to, because we are going to lake a look at John’s latest offereing, Internet Jetset.


Internet Jetset

John Crestani
John Crestani

Overall Rating: 

Price: $47 one-time / $47 per month for monthly coaching

Owner: John Crestani



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john crestani internet jetsetJohn Crestani is somewhat of a celebrity in the online marketing world.  And why not?  He cut his teeth working on PPC ads for clients at a 9 to 5 job from which he eventually was fired and then went on to apply his knowledge to the online marketing world.  His income is estimated at about $500,000 per month.

In Internet Jetset, Crestani promises to teach what he does so that you can do it to.

Here is what you get:

  • The Internet Jetset Program – 12 Hours of Video Training
  • Lifetime access to an active community / mastermind of other online marketers
  • Bonus: Rich Jerk 2.0 Course (discontinued)
  • A 30 minute call with someone on John’s team

If you continue the monthly membership, you also get access to JETSETLIVE monthly webinars with John Crestani.

When you first get to the sales page, you are asked to sign up for a FREE “webinar” that always seems to be starting within a few minutes.  It’s actually a recorded video made to look like John is presenting the program live.  The give-away was when it started to get dark outside as the webinar was progressing, and it was only 9 AM in Las Vegas where he was presenting the webinar.

John is a pretty interesting and charismatic speaker, so the video is pretty interesting, but you will have to sit through the entire video to buy the program.  There’s no fast-forwarding… being a webinar and all. 😉

While you can work on the program at your own pace, John suggests the following schedule as a “RAPID Timeline Progression.”

  • Week 1 –> Get your mindset right, choose your niche, and pick your offers
  • Week 2 –> Implement the systems from “Your FREE Traffic Machine”
  • Weeks 3 – 6 –> Continue to use the systems from “Your FREE Traffic Machine”
  • Week 7 –> Start learning about launch-jacking and authority review site techniques.  Continue stacking FREE traffic methods to create what John calls the “traffic typhoon effect”
  • Week 8 –> Re-invest profits into advertising using methods taught in the JetsetLIVE webinars


What is Inside Internet Jetset?

Internet Jetset consists of 4 Modules of video-based training, totaling about 12 hours in length.

  • Module 1: The Mindset of the Entrepreneur
  • Module 2: Choosing Your Niche and Offer
  • Module 3: Your Free Traffic Machine
  • Module 4: Copywriting Course

Here is a brief synopsis of what is included in each module.


Module 1: The Mindset of the Entrepreneurinternet jetset introduction

  • How to make your first commissions as an affiliate marketer… within 2 hours!
  • How to get approved for your first affiliate network
  • 10 affiliate programs that you can join TODAY, no matter how little experience you have
  • How to remove the “Shiny Object Syndrome” that ruins most would-be business owners before they even become profitable
  • The top reasons people fail in affiliate marketing, how to identify the red flags, and how to stop them before they even happen
  • A 24-minute exercise that will force you to overcome any of the limiting beliefs that have held you back from being successful with online marketing


Module 2: Choosing your Niche and Offer

  • How to choose the niche that you will start marketing online
  • 2 exercises that will help you choose the niche YOU will be most profitable with, in 30 minutes or less
  • Differences between low and high commission affiliate networks, and how to find them
  • 7 high-commission affiliate networks, 5 of which have offers that will pay the affiliate even more than the actual product owners make themselves


Module 3: Your Free Traffic MachineYouTube free traffic

  • How to get FREE traffic from YouTube
  • How to get FREE traffic from Google
  • How to get FREE viral traffic from Facebook
  • How to write a video description that not only gets visitors to your site, but subtly SELLS people on the product you recommend
  • The most effective keywords to use


Module 4: Copywriting Course

  • Taught by 7-figure Jetset student and copywriting wizard, Ronnie Sandlin
  • Famous copywriters (and how Napoleon rose to power)
  • 5 keys to a profitable advertorial
  • The blank slate mind fuck method
  • How to hack people’s trust
  • How to speak to “the reptile brain” inside every human for massive ROI bump


What is JetsetLIVE?

If you choose to stay on as a member, you get access to JetsetLive, a series of live webinars every month.




Here is what JetsetLIVE includes:

  • Access to live webinars taught every month by John Crestani or super affiliate advisers
  • The opportunity to have John review your marketing materials and copywriting, so you have the best chance at success
  • Access to the ENTIRE JetsetLIVE archive of live webinars (this is invaluable)
  • The most CURRENT and up-to-date powerful advice in promoting


What is Rich Jerk 2.0?

Rich Jerk 2.0 is a course created by John Crestani’s mentor.  You get this program as a bonus.


rich jerk 2.0


Here is what Rich Jerk 2.0 includes.

  • All the strategies used by John’s MENTOR that made him successful in the first place
  • Launch-Jacking, A Guide to 7-Figure SEO Strategies, taught by Jetset adviser, Pyong Kim
  • A 30-minute strategy call with someone on John’s team


Anything Else?

In addition to all this training, you get support from the Internet Jetset community.

  • Community Forum: Access to a private mastermind/community of like-minded people pursuing the same goals and doing this all over the world (lifetime access)
  • Private Facebook Group: Access to a private Facebook group for Jetset members to be informed of the latest developments in affiliate marketing
  • Masterminds: The ability to team up with each other as an “accountability partner” inside the forum to hold you accountable for getting results
  • Real life examles of how all this is done so you can model of what is currently working instead of starting from scratch and learning by trial and error


Pros and Cons


  • John Crestani is a dynamic, motivated speaker, so lessons and webinars are sure to be interesting and engaging
  • Good introduction to affiliate marketing
  • Teaches using YouTube for marketing
  • Covers choosing a niche, one of the most difficult steps, from a different angle than most programs
  • First module, The Mindset of the Entrepreneur, is a topic rarely covered in marketing programs
  • Copywriting isn’t taught in most programs like it is here
  • Realistically describes program – not a get rich quick scheme / requires hard work
  • Includes access to a community of marketers
  • 30-minute strategy call
  • 60-day money back guarantee



  • Does not include a website
  • Not sure monthly membership is worth it for one webinar per month
  • No free trial
  • Marketing material shows Crestani with expensive cars, houses, etc. – plays to our greed
  • Marketing material shows atypical results and admits this much


Who is Internet Jetset For?

The material presented here would probably be most beneficial to Internet marketing beginnners.

However, I think someone who has some marketing experience but is maybe lacking in certain areas, like YouTube videos or copywriting, might benefit from Internet Jetset.


Tools and Training

toolsThe core of the product is training.  You get 12 hours of training in various aspects of affiliate marketing, such as:

  • Choosing a niche
  • Generating traffic
  • Copywriting

Internet Jetset is a little short on tools, like a website builder or a domain-based email.



Support seems to be available through three different channels:

  1. From other members through the community forum
  2. From John Crestani himself at the monthly webinars, though I doubt John can handle all support requested through this channel
  3. In the 30-minute strategy call

Since the strategy call is a one-time thing,and the monthly webinar is… well, only held once a month, it looks like the primary way to get support at Internet Jetset is through the forum.



There are two price points for Internet Jetset


Price Point #1 – $47 One-Time Payment

If you buy Internet Jetset, you will be immediately charged $47.  For that price, you will get:

  • All four of the Internet Jetset modules – 12 hours of training
  • Lifetime access to the community forum
  • Rich Jerk 2.0 training program
  • 30-minute strategy call


Price Point #2 – $47 Every Month

When you buy Internet Jetset, you will automatically be charged $47 every month until you cancel.  The purpose of the $47 per month is:

  • JetsetLIVE – monthly webinars with John or his staff


Final Verdict

Ratings Recap

Internet Jetset

Overall Rating: 

John CrestaniPrice: $47 one-time / $47 per month for monthly coaching

Owner: John Crestani



Overall, I think there is a lot of good information here.  Specifically, what I really like are:

  • The entrepreneurial mindset information.  I think this is neglected in a lot of online marketing programs
  • The exercises to help you choose a niche.  This is one of the most difficult parts of getting started, so it’s good to have methods that help us through this.
  • Copywriting training.  This is not covered much anywhere, and anyone in the advertising business can tell you that it’s extremely important.

I do find it to be lacking in some areas, specifically:

  • No website.  No web builder, no hosting, no domain, nothing.  I believe a website is a necessary component of online marketing.
  • Monthly price is a little steep.  Since you get all the training included with your original up-front payment, the monthly payment is just for JetsetLIVE.  Seems a little steep for one class a month, considering there are alternatives out there that offer much more.

Ultimately, I give it a thumbs up with a caveat: I would pay for the Internet Jetset program.  Then, check out the JetsetLIVE archives.  If you think they are worth it, by all means, pay the monthly charge for the service.  Otherwise, cancel it.


If you have experience with John Crestani, either his Super Affiliate System or Internet Jetset, drop me a Comment below and let me know what you think.

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Internet Jetset Review -Latest from John Crestani

  1. HI

    John does a good job of explaining online affiliate marketing in the most general terms possible—so that people hearing the term for the first time can get a grip on the concept.

    And there is no doubt that he makes the big bucks. I found it interesting that he made a statement in the first video about the money being in affiliate marketing, and not in creating products?

    That’s interesting because he has created this course product to sell?

    I’m guessing you could learn something from his course, but I am also guessing his first goal is not that you gain anything of any value from his course, but that he gain something of value.

    I’ve been around for a while and know WA is the best because there is real value there for the beginner all the way to the pros

    I think this is one of the best reviews of make money online courses I’ve read.


    1. Thanks for the comment, Mike.

      I agree with you that John knows what he’s talking about and that he can help people who are interested in affiliate marketing get started. I have even thought about purchasing Internet Jetset because he focuses a lot on video marketing, which I don’t do a lot of. But if someone really wants to start out with a one-stop shop, where you can get extensive training on how to make money online;access to a huge community of people of varying experience to help you along the way; a website builder that is so easy, everyone can do it; web hosting that includes maintenance, security, anti-spam, and free SSL; and that you can try out for FREE before you even pay a dime, I don’t think you can beat Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Hello! Great website you have here. I am an aspiring internet marketer myself and I like to expand my reach and knowledge as much as I can. So i’ve bookmarked this page and will definitely come back to it once I get the time to do so! The price range seems quite fair as well given the amount which customer are exposed to. Keep this up, and I’ll be sure to sign up when i can!

    1. You know, Mark, $47 is a great price for what you get with Internet Jetset.  I do have my doubts as to whether the monthly webinars are worth it, and I don’t like the fact that you cannot try the system for free, but all in all it is a solid system.

      If you really don’t know if Internet marketing is for you, your best bet is to join Wealthy Affiliate as a FREE member.  You don’t even have to enter your credit card.  You just give it a try, and if you decide it’s not for you, you just quit.  It’s the very definition of “risk free.”

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