Is a Scam? Let’s Review It!


You have played around with Facebook and Twitter enough that you think, “Hey, maybe I can make some money managing social media accounts for companies and firms that want a social media presence.” (PSMJ) claims to help you do that, but is it legit?  Let’s take a look.

Rating: two-stars-up

Price: $27

Owner: Annie Jones



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Product Description

socialmediajobtableWhat does Promise?

According to the website, PSMJ promises to show you:

  1. Everything you need to get started “as early as tonight”
  2. How to find hundreds of easy social media jobs that you can “begin right away”
  3. How to get businesses to give you free products to test as part of your social media manager job

It also includes a backstory of the owner of the site, Annie Jones.  She is a single mother who lost her job, had bills piling up, and met someone who was making money as a social media manager, who showed her how to do it, and here we are.  Sound familiar?  Maybe it is just a pet peeve of mine, but why is everyone who offers a program to make money online someone who was once on the verge of homelessness and was saved at the last minute by the current program?  Just asking.

What Do You Get?

With PSMJ, you get access to a website that has two general sections:

  1. Training
  2. Jobs Marketplace

The training is rather mediocre, mostly getting into why you should be doing social media management and not, as I would hope, how to go about doing it.  The training covers topics like:

  • Determining clients’ wants and needs
  • Where to find social media jobs
  • Identifying beginner social media jobs
  • Brand management through social media

Notice what is not there?  How about what you need to do to set up a Facebook profile?  How do you set up a Twitter account and get followers?  What to post regularly to increase and keep followers?  How about a 90 day plan to get to “X” number of followers?  All of these topics would have been useful, but the training covers none of it.

The jobs marketplace is somewhat useful, but the jobs are not automatic.  You will need to apply for these jobs, and if you have no experience in social media management, good luck landing them.  Some of the jobs do have potential, but when you look into them, they have ridiculously unrealistic requirements, like getting a million likes in a week or some other such impossibility.  Plus, you would do better to look for opportunities on other sites like or


Pros and Cons


  • Social media management is a real thing with real earning potential.
  • The training does provide some useful information.


  • Claims were exaggerated; you will not earn immediately.
  • Jobs marketplace was a disappointment; better websites are out there.
  • No specific information on how to do social media management.


Who is For?

PSMJ is for someone who has experience managing social media accounts for his or her own personal business and would like to offer the expertise learned to others for a fee.  If you have never had a Facebook or Twitter account, it would be a waste of time and money to invest in this because the training does not cover enough technical details for beginners.


Tools and Training

training_tools2As I discussed above, the training consists of videos covering very low-level information.  I would not call the training “useless,” but it is insufficient for social media beginners.

The jobs marketplace does offer legitimate opportunities, but you would probably do better looking elsewhere, like or



No support is offered at PSMJ.  Once you join, you are on your own.




The price of PSMJ is $27, as of this writing.  The price is relatively low, so you get no “click away” break when leaving the page, and there is no free trial peiod. vs. Wealthy Affiliate

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Here is how PSMJ stacks up against Wealthy Affiliate.


Final Verdict

Rating Recap

Rating: two-stars-up

Price: $27

Owner: Annie Jones



I do not recommend for the following reasons:

  • You will learn much more managing your own social media accounts than from the PSMJ training.
  • More social media jobs can be found elsewhere.

Since you can get better training and find more job prospects elsewhere for free, it is not worth investing in the product.


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If you have experience with social media management, please provide some input by dropping me a Comment below.

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Is a Scam? Let’s Review It!

  1. Hi Andy

    This review will save people from investing their time and money in a scheme which will leave them disappointed and out of pocket. Your website is easy to navigate and follow. Keep up the good work.

  2. This audit will spare individuals from putting their time and cash in a plan which will let them disillusioned and well enough alone for the pocket. Your site is pretty good but difficult to explore and take after. Keep doing awesome.

    This is really a nice article Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for the comment, Sameer.

      That is one of the main purposes of my stie – to help keep people from wasting their money on products that don’t work.  Keep coming back to see updated content.

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