Kindle Money Mastery Review – Is Kindle Money Mastery a Scam?


Kindle Money Mastery, also known as K Money Mastery, is the latest offering from Stefan James Pylarinos.  How does it stack up as a money making opportunity?

Note: Scroll down to see how Kindle Money Mastery stacks up against my #1 Recommended Product.


Kindle Money Mastery

stefan pylarinos
Stefan Pylarinos

Overall Rating: 

Price: $67

Owner: Stefan James Pylarinos




Kindle Money Mastery is a course designed to teach you how to make money self-publishing and selling Kindle books on Amazon.

Kindle Money Mastery will teach you:kindle money management

  • How to find a profitable niche that you can exploit to your advantage
  • The proper way to select a category for your book
  • How you can create a title and a cover that sells like crazy
  • The easiest way to create your cash-producing Kindle e-book and publish it lightning fast
  • Cool techniques that will help you get raving positive reviews
  • Effective methods to successfully market your new and profitable Kindle e-books
  • How you can use Facebook and Twitter for massive exposure and inject massive sales into you Kindle publisher account
  • Why (and how) monetizing your Kindle e-books can double the money you can make
  • What you can do with negative reviews and how to manage the situation effectively
  • How to quickly and rapidly expand your new business with more e-books

So what do you actually get with Kindle Money Mastery?

  • Over 30+ insightful, step-by-step videos with downloadable PDF reports summarizing the lessons
  • Seven amazing bonus lessons designed to maximize your Kindle publishing business success
  • Outstanding customer support that will answer your questions and be there when you need them
  • Access to the private members’ area which is regularly updated with new content


Kindle Money Mastery Details

The course is broken down into 21 lessons.  Each lesson has a video along with a downloadable PDF worksheet.

  • Lesson 1: Finding a profitable nichekindle money mastery
  • Lesson 2: Keyword research
  • Lesson 3: Creating a title that sells
  • Lesson 4: Design a cover that sells
  • Lesson 5: Kindle book creation
  • Lesson 6: Preparing your book for publishing
  • Lesson 7: Creating a KDP account
  • Lesson 8: Publishing your book on Kindle
  • Lesson 9: Viewing your Kindle book
  • Lesson10: Getting Amazon reviews
  • Lesson 11: Marketing your book on KDP select
  • Lesson 12: Using Twitter and Facebook to promote your book
  • Lesson 13: Additional book promotion strategies
  • Lesson 14: Boosting your Amazon keyword rankings
  • Lesson 15: Setting up your Amazon author central account
  • Lesson 16: Monetizing your Kindle book
  • Lesson 17: Creating a series of books and monetizing the back end
  • Lesson 18: Dealing with negative reviews
  • Lesson 19: Scaling up your Kindle books and making more money
  • Lesson 20: How to make your books profitable long-term
  • Lesson 21: How to track, manage, and optimize your Kindle e-books

All of the lessons have assignments to apply what you learned to real-world Kindle publishing.

The lessons are good and informative, and if you follow the assignments, you will publish your Kindle e-book.

The training focuses on publishing non-fiction e-books, and the ultimate goal is to produce a high volume of OK sellers rather than one bestseller.  To accomplish this volume in a relatively short period of time, Stefan stresses outsourcing your writing to writers from places like the Philippines  to keep the costs low.

In addition to the above lessons, you get these bonuses:kindle money mastery bonus

  • Bonus 1: Automation and outsourcing with virtual assistants
  • Bonus 2: Goal setting for Kindle publishing
  • Bonus 3: Kindle publishing mindset and philosophy for success
  • Bonus 4: Kindle publishing ritual for scaling up
  • Bonus 5: Non-US tax requirements
  • Bonus 6: Creating a corporation or LLC for your Kindle business
  • Bonus 7: Accounting basics for your Kindle business


Pros and Cons


  • Lots of good information
  • You will be able to publish a Kindle e-book
  • Assignments to keep you focused and progressing
  • Community of Kindle Money Mastery users to help you out when needed
  • “Almost free” test drive



  • Outsourcing writing may not be the best option.
  • Stefan’s results ($8,000 / month) may not be realistic for most.
  • Not much help with actually writing books
  • Focuses only on non-fiction


Tools and Training

The training at Kindle Money Mastery is solid.  Every lesson is complete and delivers on what is promised.  You learn by watching, listening, reading and doing, making the training very effective.

You also get Stefan’s personal toolbox, which includes all the tools and resources he uses to run his kindle business.



Support is excellent at Kindle Money Mastery.  Responses happen in a timely manner, sometimes almost instantly, and issues are resolved quickly.



The price of Kindle Money Mastery is $67.

If you navigate away from the sales page, Stefan will give you the option of test driving Kindle Money Mastery.  You just pay $7 and get full access to the system for one week.  After one week, if you don’t cancel, you will be charged the remaining $60.  It’s not a free test drive, but for only $7, it’s pretty darn close.


Final Opinion

Rating Recap

Kindle Money Mastery

Overall Rating: 

Price: $67

Owner: Stefan James Pylarinos



If you have an interest in writing books, Kindle Money Mastery has a lot of excellent information to get you started.  Everything you need to know about self-publishing your own Kindle e-books is in there.

In summary, I give Kindle Money Mastery a thumbs up, with a few caveats.

For one, I don’t like the idea of outsourcing your writing.  The old adage applies: You get what you pay for.  If you pay cheap prices, your quality will reflect that.  If you pay big bucks, you might get good material, but you’ll need to earn a lot more to offset the cost of production.  That’s why Stefan openly admits that he writes most of his own books.  Of course, writing your own books will take a lot more of your time, which will reduce the volume of books you can write, and publishing a lot of books is the cornerstone of this program.

Another problem: If you’re looking for how to write an e-book, you won’t get much help here.  The focus is mainly on picking topics, finding keywords, and publishing and promoting your books.  If you want to learn how to organize and write a book, you will need to seek help elsewhere.


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How Kindle Money Mastery Stacks Up against Wealthy Affiliate

Kindle Money Mastery teaches you how to make money by publishing e-books on the Kindle platform.  Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make money through affiliate marketing, the promotion of products in exchange for sales commissions.  You can read my detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

A big part of choosing which product you prefer depends on which business model you prefer.

Both business models depend heavily on writing – e-book publishing involves writing e-books and affiliate marketing involves writing articles and blog posts.  E-book publishing is the production and selling of your own product, while affiliate marketing primarily involves the selling of other people’s products, though you can use the principles learned at Wealthy Affiliate to promote your own products as well, including Kindle e-books.  So why not do both?

In any event, here is how they stack up.


If you have any experience publishing your own books, I would love to hear all about it – the good, the bad, whatever.  Just leave me a Comment below.


Have a great day!



6 thoughts on “Kindle Money Mastery Review – Is Kindle Money Mastery a Scam?

  1. Wow Andy,
    This sounds great! I have never heard of this before!
    Have you tried this program? If you have, what’s your personal experience? I’d love to try it out 🙂
    What I love the most about this program is that fits perfectly with the Wealthy Affiliate, which means that selling those e-books you earn money but also as an affiliate promoting them, you earn even more and when someone clicks on that “Powered by Wealthy Affiliate” button you might get some referrals for the Wealthy Affiliate! Wow sounds like a great deal!

    1. Hi, Sunny.

      I have not personally tried this, mainly because I have been so focused on my website and affiliate marketing in general that I have not had the time to actually sit down and write an e-book. I agree that it is a perfect complement to what is taught at Wealthy Affiliate since you can sign up as an Amazon affiliate and promote your own book as well as others. It is something I may like to try in the future.

  2. Hi Andy,

    I’ve seen K Money Mastery mentioned in several places before, but have yet to read a full review. Until now, that is. 🙂

    It sounds like it has some excellent training that will allow you to go pretty far, but I agree with you about the outsourcing part. It just doesn’t seem legitimate to me. If I were to be a published author, I would try to HELP people rather than to just SELL my products. I actually think that would go a longer way than if you were to simply outsource all your writing and not have your own personal voice.

    Anyway, thanks for the thorough review. All in all, KMM looks like a good place to go if I ever need some training on publishing and promoting my Kindle book.


    1. Hi, Ian.

      I believe this would be a great product if you were planning on writing an e-book and wanted to learn how to promote it and get sales. Outsourcing a whole bunch of e-books just to get sales on volume could end up hurting you in the long run. After all, it will be your name on the books, so if they are low quality because you outsourced the writing to the lowest bidder, when you do decide to write your own book, you will have ruined your reputation. But if you’re planning on writing your own e-book, I really think K Money Mastery can help.

  3. Great review of K money mastery!
    It seems to be a pretty comprehensive program for $67 if you are interested in selling eBooks.
    When you stack it up next to Wealthy Affiliate, however, it doesn’t look so great!
    I think WA would be a far better option for most people!

    1. Hi, John.

      I think it depends on what you want to do. If you like writing long, detailed content, like you would find in an e-book, then K Money Mastery might be for you. If you like affiliate marketing, then Wealthy Affiliate would probably be a better option. However, they don’t have to be an either-or. I think the two could complement each other. You can write an e-book about making money online, offer it on Amazon, and then promote it with the website you built at Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate of Amazon.

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