PaySpree Sniper Review – What Can You Really Get for $5?


PaySpree Sniper is a product offered in the PaySpree marketplace that promises to make you a “super affiliate” and “start receiving cash in 30 minutes,” all for $5.


PaySpree Sniper

Overall Rating: 

Price: $5



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Update (05/29/2017): After some discussions with the owner of PaySpree Sniper, I realize my use of the word “scam” was based on suspicion rather than concrete knowledge of the product.  While we disagree on the value of this product, we do agree on one thing: The word “scam” is used way too much online.  While I do believe there are better products out there, and I still do not recommend PaySpree Sniper, I do not believe it is a scam.  Therefore, I have removed all such references from my review.



OK, I have to admit that information on PaySpree Sniper is pretty sparse, so I have to rely on what the sales page says, combined with the little bit of information I could find and a lot of common sense.

The sales page promises a “100% done for you” system.  It appears to be some sort of combination of affiliate marketing and network marketing, where you make commissions on your sales and also your referrals’ sales, but the website is not clear on that.

most powerful marketing system $5 can buy

Here is what PaySpree Sniper promises:

1. Website. This is where you will showcase your products and make your sales.  PaySpree Sniper builds it for you.

2. Targeted traffic.  PaySpree Sniper will help you find traffic, but only if you join the “Traffic Rotator.”

3. Visitor tracking.  Whoever visits your website gets a cookie, and they are tied to you from that point onward, so if they visit another PaySpree Sniper member’s site later and buy something, you get the credit and the commission.

4. Autoresponder.  PaySpree Sniper will automatically follow up, but you can choose to manage that with the “autoresponder option.”

5. Network Sales.  This has something to do with the network marketing side of things, where you earn commissions on your referrals’ sales.

6. Residual Income.  You get this when you sell memberships that continue to pay from month to month.

You are earning income from three sources:

  1. Selling PaySpree Sniper (75% commision)
  2. Selling Clickbank products
  3. 50% instant commissions to PayPal

The Traffic Rotator is a system that directs links from PaySpree Sniperss advertising on a rotating basis to all affiliates of the program.  For instance, if you are a member, and someone clicks a link on one of PaySpree Sniper’s ad, you will get the traffic when it’s your turn.  You will keep getting the traffic until you make a sale.  Then it will go to the next one.

The website states that you can get up to 10 links in the traffic rotator if you upgrade your account in one of the integrated systems and choose the autoresponder option, but there is no pricing for these available at the website.


Pros and Cons


  • Everything done for you
  • Traffic rotator ensures you get traffic to your website
  • Very low price


  • “Duplicate content” website – terrible for ranking in Google
  • Everything done for you – you don’t actually learn anything useful
  • Referral commissions confusing
  • Unrealistic claims – pay $5 and get $2,000 in commissions
  • You get what you pay for – something worth $5
  • No guarantee or refunds


Who is PaySpree Sniper For?

PaySpree Sniper is for people who want to pay the bare minimum to earn a substantial income with little to no work.

But hey, it’s only $5, right?



The price for PaySpree Sniper is $5.

It is clear there are upsells, including upgrades and the autoresponder option, but there is no pricing available on the website.


Some Random Thoughts

You might be asking, “Why don’t you just buy the system so you can give us a more detailed review?  It’s only $5.”  And you would be correct; $5 is not a lot of money.

The problem is that I have serious doubts about this product.  They are counting on the majority of people saying, “What the hell! It’s only $5,” and just paying it.  I believe that a company should stand behind its product by offering a guarantee.

Here are some of the reasons for my doubts:

  • It promises something (high commissions) for almost nothing ($5).
  • Almost every “copy and paste” affiliate marketing system is BS.
  • Not only can you not try it out for free, you can’t even get a refund.  Their reasoning?  It’s only $5.
  • They insinuate upsells without being upfront about the price for them.
  • I could not find any legitimate review sites, just shameless promotion sites pretending to be reviews.
  • The PaySpree Sniper affiliate link directs you to a page to enter payment info, not the promotional page.  I actually had trouble finding the promotional page.  You can find it here.

The bottom line is this: When you build an online business, it is going to take a lot of hard work.  You may be able to minimize your expenses, but you’re going to have to put in the sweat equity.  Don’t believe anyone who claims you can get something for nothing.  Period.


If Not PaySpree Sniper, Then What?

My #1 Recomended Product is Wealthy Affiliate.  You can read my detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

You won’t get any false promises of something for nothing with Wealthy Affiliate.  You can join for FREE, but you better believe that you will be putting in a lot of work, and you will need to keep at it, even when seeing no return initially.  If you do keep at it, you will start earning money.  Many Wealthy Affilaite members are able to earn a full-time income.

Final Opinion

Rating Recap

PaySpree Sniper

Overall Rating: 

Price: $5



My opinion?  There are better options out there.


If you do decide to join despite my recommendation, don’t worry.  I won’t be mad.  I’d love to hear your experience, though.  Just leave me a Comment below.


Have a great day!



10 thoughts on “PaySpree Sniper Review – What Can You Really Get for $5?

  1. Thank you for writing this review. I’m surprised that they offer duplicate content. PaySpree Sniper is already subject to failure right from the start. The 5.00 is extremely attractive, I mean who wouldn’t be interested in paying only 5.00 to ‘make money’… the commissions don’t seem to be realistic.

    Yes… I guess you get what you pay for and that is 5.00 worth perhaps not even that… I’m also not comfortable in not knowing the owner is and not even a live chat…

    Great review and I’m glad you’re exposing the scammers.

    1. Monica, I think they are going for volume and upsells here. That’s fine, but you’re not getting much of anything of value. When I compare what you get at Wealthy Affiliate, there is no comparison. If you really want to learn something of value that you can use for the rest of your life, that is the route to go, in my opinion.

  2. I tried this program out myself and yeah it is a scam. I don’t really care much about wealthy affiliate either but the $5 you get what you pay for

    1. Alex, that’s fine if you tried Wealthy Affiliate and decided it was not for you. That’s the great thing about the free test drive. You can try it out, and if it’s not your cup of tea, you’ve spent nothing. If 1,000 people try PaySpree Sniper and decide it’s not for them, they may have only spent $5, but the product owner and marketers have made $5,000. It would go a long way toward good will if they would offer a guarantee.

  3. Let us see if you are indeed impartial and forthright enough to allow this comment?

    By your own admission, you never purchased the system, which by definition makes this a completely baseless review. What, in your opinion, qualifies you to write a review of a product you have personally never tested??

    It’s like saying the new Porsche 911 Turbo is rubbish to drive when in fact you yourself have never driven it!!

    Now, I’m not likening PaySpree Sniper (PSS) to a Porsche 911 Turbo, far from it – PSS is an entry level system setup by myself (not some huge marketing outfit) and targeted at people who have limited cashflow to “risk” particularly if they are stepping into the Internet marketing abyss for the first time.

    PSS is simply the umbrella marketing system that knits together other systems which enables it’s members to generate multiple income streams that accumulate monthly residual income (all starting with a low-cost $4.99 purchase).

    What it claims is possible, is based on personal experience of using the integrated systems respectively.

    You question it’s value, yet having no experience of the system you are not actually in a position to do so. Email marketing is one of the most powerful forms of online marketing and hence the “done-for-you” system encourages OPTIONAL upgrades in things like the integrated autoresponders, which includes pre-written email follow-ups that do the heavy lifting for members who choose to take that upgrade.

    People with limited budgets have few choices from an advertising perspective. Typically, Traffic Exchanges and mailer sites are the “affordable choices” (if not free in many cases) as are social networks.

    Had you purchased the system you would have found a resource that provides guidance on how to use such resources (TE’s & mailers). You would also have been directed to a central resource group on Facebook where not only am I (the owner/admin/creator) present and available, but other marketing resources and guidance is available as well as support from other members.

    Some facts that put right some of your incorrect assumptions…

    [1] There is a support email address on the website, which enables prospects to contact me directly even before they make a purchase. So, is the owner contactable… YES

    [2] The PSS landing page links directly to the promotional page, which includes links to the FAQ, products page, blog, disclaimer, terms and privacy. Therefore, the visitor can explore the site before deciding to make a purchase.

    [3] Upgrades/upsells do exist once inside, but are clearly marked as optional. It is conceivable that a member can simply start marketing the PSS system only (for $4.99) and accumulate sufficient funds to acquire one or more upgrades at a later date, this increasing their income streams and growing their monthly residuals.

    [4] Nowhere on the PSS site does it unrealistically claim that you will receive something for nothing. It’s simply suggests that you can start for as little as $5 (actually $4.99) and build yourself a significant income stream. Where the possibility of achieving something exists, it’s not incorrect to highlight the fact.

    [5] Offering a free trial does not make one business more credible than another! When you go to buy your bread and milk in the supermarket you don’t expect a free trial and refuse to buy it otherwise. If a free sample is offered, that’s all well and good, but the fact one is not offered doesn’t devalue a product (or service) – you still buy your bread and milk, right?

    [6] You actually insult the intelligence of PSS members by suggesting that they do not learn anything. By default, when using the system they learn the importance of building a list, they discover how to write ad copy and also how to make use of several advertising mediums and resources. “Done-for-you” simply means you can get started immediately without any specific learning curve. It doesn’t mean that you cannot learn “on the go” by analysing the materials, resources and support you are given.

    In actual fact I would go so far as to say that you insult the intelligence of your own readers (albeit 1 comment implies there are not too many) as most people are aware that a common marketing tactic is to negatively review programs that appear to have a degree of popularity with a view to promoting an alternative (like Wealthy Affiliate for example).

    Finally, let’s analyse the most popularly misused word on the Internet (SCAM)!

    The definition of a scam is as follows… “A fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt obtain money or something else of value.“

    Given that PSS is a resalable marketing system from which it’s purchasers can themselves recover their investment and make profit in a number of ways, I would vehemently refute your claims that it is a scam. No-one is being robbed or not receiving the system/product they pay for. And… support is readily available and typically administered in well under 24 hours should an issue occur.

    Sure, PSS is not the deluxe of home based business (it’s not perfect, nor never claimed to be), it’s a small low-cost system based on individual experiences and put together with good intention. I would more readily appreciate a poor review from someone who actually purchased the system, than a baseless review from someone who clearly didn’t.

    In this world, there are the type of people who try to deliver something useful and good and there are those kinds of people who try to profit from inherent shortcomings if it’s not as good as intended (subjective).

    I know which I am!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Kevin. As you can see, I have allowed your comment, and I will address your points.

      Your first claim is the notion that my review is baseless because I did not purchase your product. You are entitled to your opinion, and so is everyone else who reads this review. I was upfront and honest about what I based my review on, and you or anyone else wants to discount my review because it is based ONLY ON YOUR SALES PAGE, then that is your and their prerogative.

      I’m not sure I understand your point about how powerful email marketing is and then admit that the “done for you system” is part of an optional upgrade. You just admitted that you don’t get any of that for $5. So far, all you’re saying we’re getting is access to you and other members via Facebook, and an “umbrella marketing system,” which you and your sales page are still vague on, along with guidance on how to use traffic exchanges and mailers. I’m not a big fan of traffic exchanges, so that goes toward my low rating as well. Even the FAQ says the way to earn money is to re-sell PaySpree Sniper. Now, I’m fully onboard promoting a system you believe in, but is that the only way to make money? You state that we can also make money promoting Clickbank products… which we can do without PaySpree Sniper, so what exactly are we getting? Oh, I guess we have to pay the $5 to find out.

      Now, on to my “incorrect assumptions.

      [1] Thank you for pointing out that you, the owner of the system, is contactable. I will update my chart accordingly.

      [2] Not sure what my “incorrect assumption” was here. I never said anyone couldn’t read what you had on the promotional page or read the FAQ, just that they couldn’t try the system out before purchasing.

      [3] Again, not sure what my “incorrect assumption” was. So someone pays you $5 to market your system to others, and when they make enough money, they can give it all back to you in upgrades so they can market to even more people?

      [4] OK, so you are not promising something for nothing. You just show an account where someone makes “$2K in 2 weeks” on a sales page for a product that costs $5. It may not be “something for nothing,” but it’s pretty close.

      [5] If you’re not going to offer a free trial, at least provide a guarantee. You gave an example of buying bread and milk. I may not be allowed to try the bread and milk without buying it, but if the milk is sour or the bread is moldy, and I find out after I get them home, I can go back to the store and return them. Similarly, if I buy your system and don’t make $2,000 in 2 weeks, I should be able to get my money back. And regarding your Porche 911 Turbo analogy – if I can convince the salesman I am a possible buyer, I can absolutely take it for a test drive for free before buying.

      [6] I am not insulting anyone. Based on your sales page, where all we have to do is “Copy, Paste, Post, and get paid,” I don’t see anything about training. It’s great that you are teaching your members how to write emails, write ad copy, etc., but that’s not what you are marketing your product as. As for “insulting my own readers,” if you had bothered to read any other posts on my site, you would have found that there are several product reviews, like this one, this one, and this one, where I actually recommend the product. Have I found any that I like more than Wealthy Affiliate? Not yet, but if I do, I will say so. I have nothing to gain by dishonestly condemning products. In fact, I could make a lot more by just recommending everything I review and then posting an affiliate link. There are a lot of marketers who do just that.

      I don’t use the word “scam” lightly. You are telling me that showing earnings of $2,000 in two weeks on the sales page for a product that costs $5 is not promising something for nothing. And I’m telling you that people are going to believe they can earn that much, that fast, for only $5. I’m sure it’s probably a great sales technique. That’s why so many people do it. But I don’t think it’s entirely honest. If PSS is a small low-cost system, it should be marketed as such.

      You say that you put this system together with good intentions, and I’ll take your word for it. However, I stand by my conclusion that this is not a product that I would recommend.

      1. Thanks for your reply and clarifications Andy.

        I’m not sure I will agree with them all. Whether or not you chose to recommend the product or not is not up for question – it’s your prerogative to say what you like about it or what you don’t.

        However I feel the word “SCAM” is not befitting of something that doesn’t take money without offering something. I would argue that much of the online marketing out their shares the benefits and possibilities of using a product or service and do not go into nth detail about exactly how to do it (that’s backroom stuff).

        You get something for $5 and it’s more valuable that, particularly when you consider that someone who is a complete newbie may not know about email marketing, traffic exchanges and how to use them etc.

        You may not like certain advertising venues, which again is your prerogative, but that doesn’t make the worthless and the basis for marking down a product or service that promotes their use. I believe when used consistently it’s possible to build a subscriber list and leverage that list (and the autoresponder service) to scale up your income possibilities – I just don’t feel that level of detail should be on a sales page.

        And had you purchased the system to do a proper and full review from the inside out, you might have been less damning in your conclusion as you would realise that this is more than just about taking a $5 sale page and making thousands of dollars from it.

        Could it have been better, yes.. I’m sure it could. Do you have points that give me food for thought, yes again. But, it’s not a scam, never has been a scam and doesn’t even fit the true definition of a scam. It simply ties together systems that and promotes upgrades to enable a member to benefit from multiple streams that can add up to thousands (no time limit specified).

        It sounds like your saying I promise $2K in weeks for doing nothing. In actual fact what it’s showing is what’s possible when applying techniques and strategies that have lead to making that kind of money in that timeframe.

        I’m not saying you should recommend it, I’m saying you should be more in-depth in your review and have all the facts before you write one – without getting inside, you cannot have the facts and if it doesn’t encourage you to get inside, your review cannot be considered 100% accurate and your “score” can be neither high nor low.

        I’ve give up my valuable time at no cost to support members, always replying within 24 hours and supply other marketing materials and info they can use and learn from – and people HAVE earned and learned while using this system, so I think you’ll find that’s more than $5 worth.

        In any case, I believe people are quick to call scam when they don’t understand something or the don’t do particularly well with it. Doesn’t mean it is one. I appreciate there will be people who don’t like it, or mw for that matter (that’s life), but one thing I will do is protect my integrity and there’s nothing I do online to be detrimental to anyone I have contact with (either as an admin, sponsor, referral or business partner).

        1. You’re right, Kevin. I probably should not have used the word “scam” when referring to PaySpree Sniper. I have seen a lot of scams out there, most of which are simply pyramid schemes that are all about selling “memberships” to the program, with no benefit other than the opportunity to sell memberships to others. I can clearly see that this does not fall into the same category as those programs.

  4. Reading all the comments above methinks Andy is quite in a hurry to kowtow to Kelvin. Readily agreeing to Kelvin’s position that his product (PSS) is not a scam is quite suspect considering that your initial review was glowingly well rendered. Now am lost in the charade. Like you said its just $5! I will go ahead and purchase the program and give my in dept review afterwards. I bet Kelvin will have me to contain with if eventually Andy is right that Kelvin is deceitful fleecing people on the bait that its just $5! Kelvin watch out for me in your back end. We will see!

    1. In my experience, true scammers don’t come to reviews to defend their product. They just lay low and if enough bad reviews keep people from buying it, they just shut it down and create a new scam. Even though I don’t think it’s a very good product, I think the fact that Kelvin is willing to come on here and defend it is enough to remove the “scam” label. But if you disagree, then you are free to review it and state your opinion.

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