Shopkick – It’s a Scavenger Hunt!


There are money-saving apps that are great because they require almost no effort to save money.  Honey is one of those.  Then there are those apps that are great because they do require some actions, but they’re a lot of fun.  That would be Shopkick.


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Shopkick is an app, available for both iOS and Android, that gives out reward points for shopping.  The points are called “kicks,” and you can get your kicks in a number of ways.  Find a store that participates in the Shopkick program.  They are listed in the app, in order of distance from your current location.  Once you’ve found a store, each of these actions can earn you kicks.

  1. Walk in the store with the app open.
  2. Scan barcodes.
  3. Buy qualified items.
  4. Link a credit card to the app and buy stuff.
  5. Refer friends to Shopkick

Not every participating store will reward kicks for all these actions, so you might not get any kicks for walking in, but you can get kicks for scanning barcodes.  Or you might get walk-in kicks but no barcode scans (common with clothing stores).  Some stores reward kicks for all purchases while others only reward kicks for certain items.

Scanning barcodeMost stores have limits on the frequency with which you can earn kicks.  For instance, if you earn walk-in kicks, you will not be able to earn them again from that store until the following day. And if you earn walk-in kicks every day for awhile, it may stop rewarding them for several days.  The same goes for barcode scans.

Speaking of barcode scans, those are the only kicks that require a little effort.  You have to wander around the store looking for specific items to scan.  That is why I called it a scavenger hunt.  It is fun; don’t be surprised if you run into others doing the same thing and you end up hunting for barcodes together.

Kicks can be exchanged for gift cards and prizes.  You must select your primary redemption method, i.e. Walmart gift card, when you first sign up, but you can change it at any time.  Just don’t set your expectations too high.  You will earn kicks and will exchange them for actual cash and prizes, but you will need to accumulate a lot of kicks for it to add up to anything substantial.  To give you an idea, for a Walmart gift card, it takes 250 kicks per dollar.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to earn kicks
  • Fun
  • Large selection of rewards


  • Need a lot of kicks


Who is Shopkick For?

ShopkickShopkick is for anyone who wants to earn rewards while shopping.  The best part about Shopkick is that you can install it on your phone, your spouse can install it on his/her phone, and each of your kids can install it on their phones.  If you all find yourselves at a store together, everyone can earn kicks.  It’s fun, and you just at least tripled your kicks by scanning on three or more phones.  You can even give your phone to your kids and let them run all over the store scanning on multiple devices while you shop.



Shopkick is 100% free.


Final Opinion

Shopkick is one of my favorite money-saving apps.  My wife and I generally go grocery shopping together, so we get our kicks (hahaha) together too.  And while you will not get rich simply by using Shopkick, it is a fun way to save money.

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If you would like to know more or have some interesting experiences while using Shopkick, drop a Comment below.

Happy Shopping!





4 thoughts on “Shopkick – It’s a Scavenger Hunt!

  1. Shopkick sounds like a useful app for someone who shops alot and is looking for a way to earn points for the things they purchase. It’s nice to get something for free or earn free gifts for your shopping habits.

    The Shopkick seems like the survey website that pays you to take surveys but it takes forever before you can claim our prize or takes far to many points before you can claim a gift card. However, Shopkick appears to be easier and your shopping anyway so why not.

    Great post I will definitely check the app out!

    1. Salvatore, Shopkick is a great app. Whenever I am at the mall, I make sure to open up the app just in case any of the stores offer walk-in kicks. Usually I get a couple of store that offer them just for walking past the entrance. I love it.

  2. Well thats generally the fast and easy way to go now, when it comes to finding the deals, instead of cutting coupons, which takes more time and effort it seems, while this is fun and not stressful. I remember going over with my wife those cut outs, and then I started showing her some of these apps. It takes getting into a habit of it but it works.

    1. You’re right, Andrew. Shopkick is a lot more fun that clipping coupon. Since I have been doing it awhile, I found another benefit: It’s great exercise walking all over the store looking for items to scan.

      An interesting story: I was at Walmart, which has another great way to save money, and I was looking for a product to scan. The associate just walked up and found the item for me. She told me that I was like the 5th person who showed up to scan the same item. LOL

      You many not have time to do it for every visit, but if you do have time, those kicks do add up. And don’t forget to pull into a parking lot and stop by the door of businesses that award walk-in kicks. Sometimes you can get credit just by being near the door.

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