Tubeloom Review – Is Tubeloom a Scam?


Tubeloom is yet another product promising to teach you how to make money online.  How does it stack up?



Overall Rating: twostars

Price: $39.95

Owner: Charlotte?



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YouTube MarketingThe Tubeloom website promises to teach you how to make money online by promoting products on YouTube.  It is basically affiliate marketing through YouTube.

If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, here is a brief synopsis of how it works.

  1. Pick a niche.
  2. Create a website for that niche.
  3. Sign up for one or more affiliate programs and get affiliate links for their websites.
  4. Post your affiliate links on your website.
  5. If someone clicks your affiliate link and then buys something, you get paid a commission.

This is essentially how Tubeloom works, but instead of posting your affiliate links on your website, you will create videos on YouTube and post your affiliate links in the description.

The landing page includes a ton of testimonials (red flag).  The main testimonial is from the owner of the program – Charlotte.  She claims that she uploaded her first video one morning, and that afternoon she had already made two sales (red flag).   Her next video also made a sale within a few hours.

That is the gist of the program: Post videos and get paid almost immediately.


Pros and Cons


  • Video is an effective affiliate marketing method.



  • Too many red flags on the sales page
  • Video is one effective method; it should not be the only method.
  • Affiliate marketing is not taught in the product; upsells are offered for that.
  • All training, including that in the upsells, is mediocre at best.


Red Flags

I mentioned some red flags on the landing page.  I highlighted where these red flags were, but I would like to elaborate a little on them.

Red Flag #1: Testimonials.  Now don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with posting positive comments from people who like a product, per se.  However, as a reviewer, I realize they are meaningless.  There is no way to check if they are legitimate testimonials or if they were just made up.  It is a method used to appeal on an emotional level.  In general, if the main selling point is a large number of testimonials, beware.

Red Flag #2: Unrealistic Results.  Charlotte claims that she sold products within hours of posting her first two videos.  Is that possible?  Sure.  But take it from someone who has experience with affiliate marketing.  It is unlikely that you will sell anything in one day… or one week… or maybe even one month.  It takes time to establish yourself, and you have to be willing to work for months before you make even one sale.  That fact that she says she did it in a few hours should sound all kinds of alarms.


Tools and Training

The only training is a video from Easy Tube Commissions, and it is really not that good.  I did a search for Easy Tube Commissions and discovered a bunch of videos promoting it.  And what do you know?  They use some of the exact same graphics that Tubeloom uses.  This is another huge red flag.  I suspect Tubeloom and Easy Tube Commissions are the same company, and they just re-branded it for some reason.

The bottom line is that it’s not that hard to produce YouTube videos to promote products.  You don’t need a lot of training.  All you need is screencast software and some practice.



There are three price levels for Tubeloom plus three upsells.

  • $0 – The price they lead you to believe you’re paying by only entering your name and email address… only sends you to sales page
  • $39.95 – The price you actually pay if you click on the “Click Here to Get Instant Access” after you enter your email address and discover it is not free
  • $19.95 – The price you pay if you leave the $39.95 page and then click “Stay” when asked if you want to “Stay” or “Leave”
  • Upsell #1 – $67. Rather poor video on building a website for your online business
  • Upsell #2 – $47.  Five landing pages and videos on how to incorporate these into your campaign.
  • Upsell #3 – $47.  Access to non-existent Facebook community


Final Verdict

Rating Recap

thumbs-downOverall Rating: twostars

Price: $39.95

Owner: Charlotte?



If you have read this far, you can probably tell that I am not a big fan of Tubeloom.  The only reason I gave it two stars instead of one is because I do believe video is an excellent facet of any affiliate marketing campaign, and Tubeloom can increase awareness of this and provide some useful information on how to incorporate video.  However, the centerpoint of any affiliate marketing business is a website; video is just an ancillary part of the business.  And besides the training is not that good.

And whatever you decide to do, skip the upsells.  They are total garbage.

If you really want to learn how to start a legitimate long-term online business, you will want to check out my #1 Recommendation.

There is really no comparison.

If you have any experience with Tubeloom,  I would love to hear about your experiences, even if it’s to tell me I’m full of it.  Just drop me a Comment below.

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Tubeloom Review – Is Tubeloom a Scam?

  1. Hi Andy.

    I’ve been looking for something a little different over the internet in which to make money other than the obviously fake methods which I generally assume are looking to scam me.

    Tubeloom however, looked like a great opportunity.

    I still decided to do a bit of research on the subject because I’m naturally very cautious with online projects. After reading your analysis I’m certainly not going to proceed with Tubeloom and want to thank you for helping me avoid wasting my money.

    Thanks for the advice!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Jamie.

      I too thought that Tubeloom showed promise.  It does have some value, but you would be much better off learning the full spectrum of online marketing at a community like Wealthy Affiliate.  You can learn video marketing there in addition to everything else you will need.

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