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My original intent was to write a review of the Walmart Savings Catcher, but since Savings Catcher is simply a feature of the Walmart App, I decided the provide a review of the entire app.

WalmartWalmart App

Overall Rating: five-stars

Price: Free




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Original WalmartOver the years, Walmart has become a household name.  The first Walmart was opened in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas by Sam Walton.  Since then, Walmart has expanded to over 4,600 stores in the United States and over 6,200 outside the US.

With the increase in popularity of the Internet, Walmart established, and eventually, with the rise of smartphones, created the Walmart App.  The Walmart App includes the following features:

  • Online shopping at
  • Savings Catcher
  • Savings Showcase (Shopping Portal)
  • Weekly Ad (for home store)
  • Lists
  • Registry
  • Pharmacy
  • Walmart Pay
  • 1-Hour Photo
  • Instawatch

Savings Catcher

Savings CatcherAt most stores, Walmart has a policy where they will beat all competitors’ advertised prices and will match those prices if Walmart’s prices are higher.  Typically, this requires you to bring multiple ads for various stores and check the price of everything you buy at Walmart to see if it has a lower price.  Then you have to keep track of all items that Walmart’s price is higher so, when you get to the checkout, you can inform the associate which prices they have to change.  The associate then has to lower each price individually so you can get the price match.

There is an easier way.  With Walmart’s Savings Catcher, all you do is scan the QR code on the receipt within a week of purchase.  If a local competitor has a lower price, Savings Catcher will “catch” it and award you the difference.  At any time, you can redeem your savings in the form of a Walmart gift card.


If you have ever used Wish Lists at, you understand the concept.  You create a list of items you want, and then for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., your friends and family can see your list and order any item through the app.


The Registry is the same thing as a list, except it is specifically for baby showers and weddings.  As with the Lists, you can create your Registry through the app, and friends and family can see your Registry and purchase items through the app.


Walmart PharmacyThe Pharmacy feature of the Walmart app lets you do a number of things with your prescriptions.  You can:

  • Request a refill by scanning the bar code
  • Refill a prescription associated with your account
  • Transfer a prescription from another pharmacy
  • Find the nearest Walmart Pharmacy
  • Browse Walmart’s $4 Prescriptions

Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay is Walmart’s version of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay.  You link your credit card to your Walmart account, and you can then pay with your phone.  All you do is scan the QR code on the pin pad.  You get an eReceipt that you can submit to Savings Catcher with one tap.

1-Hour Photo

The 1-Hour Photo feature of the app lets you select photos directly from your phone to print at your local Walmart.  They will be available for same day pick-up.


walmart-vuduInstawatch allows you to add DVD’s and Blu-rays you purchase at Walmart to VUDU, Walmart’s digital movie service.  Once you scan the receipt, Walmart sends you an email letting you know how to redeem your digital copies.  Once you have redeemed them, you can watch them anywhere on multiple devices.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Saves money
  • Saves time



Who is the Walmart App For?

The Walmart App is for anyone who shops at Walmart.  If you do not have a Walmart close by, many of the features will not be useful.



The Walmart App is free and available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.


Final Verdict

The bottom line is: If you shop at Walmart, you will definitely save time and money with the Walmart app.  Register for a free account at and start using the app right away.  You won’t regret it.


If you have been using the Walmart App, I would love to hear your opinion.  Do you love it?  Hate it?  Leave me a Comment below

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Walmart App Review

  1. Hello, Andy. Thanks for introducing Walmart app. Usually I do not shop at Walmart but when I found some great DVDs, I changed my mind. I guess all shops have pros and cons. The Walmart is really good with lowering prices down. It is good for buyers but for sellers is nightmare.
    Overall I would like to try this app. In this case I do not need to move out the house. It is enough to check phone and it is clear what kind of items Walmart has.
    Thanks again for reminding about convenience of apps in the modern world.
    All the best, Nemira.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Nemira. And if you do shop at Walmart, don’t forget to scan every receipt into the Savings Catcher. You won’t get cash back all the time, but you you at least half the time. it adds up, and you can cash it in for a Walmart gift card once it gets to a substantial amount. It’s my favorite part of the app.

  2. I love to read about how to save money tips! The wish list idea is awesome. Now anybody can recieve gifts they acutally want. This makes the gift buyers job a lot easier as well, brilliant. I love that apps can make our lives so much more simpler. Less running around wasting fuel, time and ultimately money. And who doesn’t want that? WALMART APP I give you 4/5 – nothing is perfect afterall 🙂 or is it?

    1. This app definitely does make it easy to save money. Of course, it probably isn’t for everyone. Like my mother-in-law, who likes to scan the ads in the paper and find lower prices and show them at the register to get Walmart’s low price guarantee. I prefer to use the Savings Catcher and let the Walmart app do all the work for me.

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