WebFire Review – Can WebFire Really Increase Your Traffic and Conversions?


There are about 2 billion people online.  A fraction of those people will visit your website.  Of the people who visit your website, a fraction of those people will buy something from your website.

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There are two ways you can increase the amount of money you make online:

  1. Increase the number of people who visit your site.
  2. Increase the percentage of website visitors who buy something.

WebFire promises to help you do both.  How does it stack up?



brian koz shawn caseyOverall Rating: 

Price: $497 per month / $2,997 per year

Owners: Brian Koz & Shawn Casey

Website: www.webfire.com


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WebFireWebFire was created by Brian Koz and Shawn Casey for the purpose of helping online marketers generate traffic to their websites.  The software is very comprehensive and covers a number of areas.

The sales page promises that WebFire will allow you to:

  • Instantly analyze your website, keywords, and/or market to get SEO suggestions (including finding lucrative keywords that bring in a ton of targeted traffic)
  • Fix and improve on its suggestions in minutes with powerful SEO tools
  • Use these tools on your own site or turn them into profitable services you can sell to others
  • Create videos on the fly (even automatically) and submit them instantly to top video sites like YouTube
  • Create and distribute content across the web instantly
  • Spy on your competition and contact all of their traffic sources with the touch of a button
  • Automate your social media marketing
  • Put your marketing, tracking, lead finding, etc. all on autopilot even if you don’t open WebFire
  • Instantly alert the search engines and top sites to new content
  • Instantly find and reach out to sites looking to give you free exposure worth big bucks
  • Find thousands of leads a day on social media, even locally to you, of people that are interested in what you’re selling (and contact them in seconds)
  • Find leads of dozens to hundreds of forums and blogs in your niche
  • Find top ranked sites in your market that you can leave posts, comments, or replies on to instantly dominate the search engines
  • Lots more


Inside WebFire

WebFire has several functions, each with its own menu selection.

Section 1: SEO and Keywords

WebFire Analysis
Website Analysis Tool

This section has all the keyword tools you will need.  It includes the following items in its submenu:

  • Analysis – Analyzes your website for SEO and keywords and provides easy fixes
  • Buyer keywords
  • Expired domains
  • Keyword domains – Find domains to mach keywords
  • Keyword tool – A useful device for keyword research
  • Local keywords – Useful for finding keywords popular in your area
  • Rank – Instantly see where your website ranks for various keywords
  • SEO configuration
  • Schema mark-up
  • Submit your site

Schema mark-up is a particularly interesting function.  If you have ever noticed in your search results that some of the results have multiple links, almost like a miniature site-map, that is a schema.  WebFire can help get your site to look like that in the results.

Tennis Shop Schema

One of the more useful sections is the keyword tool.  You will probably use this one more than any of the other sections.  It allows you to evaluate keywords (search terms) to include in your content.  It will return multiple suggestions for keywords based on the keywords you entered, and it will give you the amount of searches per month and the number of competing websites for each keyword.

WebFire Keyword Tool
Keyword Tool: Good Results in Green, Bad Results in Red

Section 2: Content

The content section is all about easily getting content out there on the web.  Here are the submenu items under Content:

  • Content submitter – Submits press releases and news stories to Google News and thousands of media outlets, magazines, publications, etc.
  • Video firestorm – Easily produce your own videos
  • Marketing articles
  • Article spinner – Turns one article into many, even thousands, to submit to top article sites.
  • Article vault

The sales video does not go into much detail on the Content section, but I do have some opinions on this section.  I will elaborate in the “What I Like / Don’t Like” section below.

Section 3: Leads

The previous sections were about getting traffic to come to you.  In this section, you will be going to where the traffic is.

Here are the submenu items under Leads:

  • Government leads
  • Guest blogging – Helps you find blogs that accept guest posts to get exposure
  • Q & A lead firestorm – Finds leads on Q & A sites that are currently asking questions about your keyword
  • Ranked lead finder – Find leads that are already ranked on Google
  • Real time lead finder – Find blogs and forums that are currently discussing a particular keyword

Section 4: Competition

This section allows you to spy on your competition.

Here are the submenu items under Competition:

  • Backlinks – Find your top competitors for a particular keyword and find out where their backlinks are
  • Keyword Density

Section 5: Social

This section deals with social network marketing.

Here are the submenu items under Social:

  • Poster Fire – Automatically schedule tweets and Facebook posts
  • Tweet Lead Finder – Instantly find leads posting on Twitter about a particular keyword, either locally or globally


What I Like

prosThere are several things to like about WebFire.

1. SEO and Keywords.  The tools in this section are impressive.  I especially like the keyword tool.  The most important data you can get from keyword research tools are the number of searches and competition for a particular keyword.  The WebFire keyword tool gives you both in an easy to understand format.

There are alternatives you can get for a much lower cost.  Jaaxy is a great alternative that you can try for FREE.  You can read my detailed review of Jaaxy here.

2. Video Firestorm.  Video marketing is extremely valuable.  However, it can be intimidating.  WebFire allows you to create Powerpoint-style videos with computer-generated voice-overs.  This makes it easy because you don’t have to appear on video nor do you have to speak.

3. Automation.  Much of what WebFire promises can be accomplished without WebFire.  However, WebFire automates many of these tasks, so you’ll have more time to concentrate on other tasks, such as creating content.

4. Unlimited Websites.  You can use WebFire to optimize any number of websites, so you can use them for your own website as well as act as a contractor optimizing clients’ websites.


What I Don’t Like

consThere are a few things I don’t particularly like about WebFire.  Let’s start with the obvious.

1. The Price.  Let’s face it.  Many people who get involved in online marketing do so with little to no available capital.  That means WebFire has essentially priced itself out of reach of many beginners online.  And while I believe that there is no one tool that can give you everything that WebFire offers in one convenient package, there are some products out there that can offer a piece of what WebFire offers.  Here are a few of them.

  • Jaaxy – An awesome keyword research tool that you can try for free
  • Google Backlink Checker – A free tool you can use to check the backlinks to any site
  • SocialOomph – A tool you can use to automate various Twitter functions including scheduling multiple tweets
  • Google – Yes, much of the info you can find with WebFire, such as forums and blogs mentioning particular keywords, can be found using Google searches.

2. Article Spinner.  Article spinning used to be a popular tactic to get traffic to your site.  It basically means converting one article into multiple articles by changing various words, sentences, and even paragraphs and submitting these to various sites to get many backlinks.  The spinning is supposed to avoid the duplicate content penalty that search engines impose, but it is generally believed that search engines can identify spun content, and it will hurt you in the long run.

3. Page 1 of Google Within 7 Minutes?  While I do believe that WebFire can help you get traffic to your site and improve your conversions, I can guarantee that the vast majority of people who buy WebFire will not achieve these kinds of results.  Google and other search engines simply do not give the same weight to new websites as they give to sites that have been around a year or more no matter how great their SEO is or how awesome their content.


Who Is WebFire For?

While WebFire tries to market itself as a tool for beginners, I believe that WebFire has priced itself out of the market for beginners.  Additionally, new websites will not benefit as much from WebFire’s techniques as one that has been around for awhile.  That’s why I think WebFire is more appropriate for existing online businesses that are looking to scale up their operation.


Tools and Training

toolsWhen you first start out with WebFire, you can use a QuickStart Guide that will walk you through the setup, adding your website and starting automatically with a few keyword and SEO analyses.

There is training on the site, though much of it is targeted to beginners.  Experienced online marketers will not benefit much from the training.

For beginners, the only online marketing training I recommend can be found at Wealthy Affiliate.  You can read my detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate here.



Support is pretty good at WebFire.  They promise to get back to you within one business day, and usually within an hour or two.



WebFire offers two payment options:

  1. $497 per month
  2. $2,997 per year (50% discount)

For a limited time, they are offering a discount on the yearly rate.  Keep reading or scroll down to the end of this post to see how to receive the discount.


Final Opinion and Discount

Rating Recap


Overall Rating: 

Price: $497 per month / $2,997 per year

Owners: Brian Koz & Shawn Casey

Website: www.webfire.com


Overall, I believe WebFire is an excellent product.  I do believe it can help you increase traffic and ultimately, sales.  The only problem with WebFire is that they seem to have priced themselves out of a large segment of the market.  In a worst case scenario, a beginner online marketer will pay for WebFire and not achieve the sales necessary to recoup the cost.  That’s why, for beginners, I recommend starting with the following two products:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate – Step-by step training to start and establish your online business
  2. Jaaxy – Top rated keyword research tool

Both of these products provide excellent value, and before you spend a dime on either of them, you can try them out for free.

Once you have gone through the training at Wealthy Affiliate and have started making money online, if you want to scale up your business using the tools at WebFire, I believe you can get some benefit from that.

Now I promised you a discount, and here is how you get it.

Click Here! to watch a video presentation on WebFire.  At the end of the video, you will be given a link to get Webfire for $997 per year.  That is a 67% discount off the regular yearly price, and a 83% discount of the regular monthly rate.


If you have tried WebFire, I would love to hear about your experiences with it.  Just drop me a Comment below.

Have a great day!




4 thoughts on “WebFire Review – Can WebFire Really Increase Your Traffic and Conversions?

  1. Hey Andy,
    Webfire is very expensive! There are many ways to do most of the things that are mentioned here but HUNDREDS of dollars a month is ridiculous. Yet alone THOUSANDS of dollars a year is no better. Who can even afford this. Can you tell me more about your recommendations? Are they better than Webfire?

    1. You are correct, Kendrick. Webfire is very expensive. Being a business expense, each person has to evaluate the benefit and see if it is worth the cost. For someone just starting out, with a website that has not achieved the trust level required to rank on Google, I would say it is probably not worth the cost. However, if you have an established site that is maybe ranking in the 2nd or 3rd pages of Google for popular keywords, Webfire might be just the ticket to give you that boost you to the first page and send your earnings through the roof. Like I said, each person will have to evaluate their own situation and decide if it is for them.

      I would say that most of my recommendations function as well as what you will find in Webfire. In fact, I would put Jaaxy up against any keyword tool out there in terms of ease of use, functionality, and price. For my other recommendations, like Social Oomph and the backlink checker, I think Webfire probably provides better functionality, albeit at a much higher price.

  2. Wow, I completely agree that this is way over priced. It seems like a great too especially because it gives suggestions for SEO keywords that will be successful because that is where I personally struggle on my website. If this was less expensive I would definitely look into because I have been trying to find something to help me with my traffic, especially organic traffic. Thank you for the review! Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford it, do you have any suggestions about increasing traffic with a site that is more affordable? Thanks!

    1. You know, Mallory, I think the makers of WebFire made a mistake pricing this product the way they have.  I think they would maximize earnings if they would just make it more affordable.  It is a good tool, but they are pricing themselves out of the market for the majority of online marketers.

      If you’re looking for a great keyword tool that is much more affordable, you can try out Jaaxy for FREE.  You get 30 searches, and if you like it, they offer multiple membership plans, so they probably have one that will fit your budget.  Check it out and let me know how you like it.

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