What is Digital Altitude? – Beware!


When I search for products to review, I find that many of them are pretty similar to each other.  There are a lot of them that promise lots of high-paying surveys, most of them not worth the cost of entry or the time.  Some of them promise to teach affiliate marketing.  Some are pretty good, others not so much.  You can read about my #1 Recommended Product here.

Digital Altitude is a money-making product that is a little different.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

Digital Altitude

Michael Force
Michael Force

Overall Rating: onestar

Price: Varies

Owner: Michael Force

Website: http://www.digitalaltitude.co


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OK, it took me awhile to get the system straight.  It is more than a little confusing, but I will do my best to break it down for you.

Digital Altitude is a multilevel marketing company that offers a variety of memberships, all of which promise to teach you to make money online.  So how do you make money online?  By selling memberships to other people, of course.  The “product” in this multilevel marketing program is the training.

Each of these memberships is different and has a different price level, so I’ll go into each one below.


First Membership: Aspire

This membership has three levels:

aspireAspire Walker

Price: $1 for 1st 14 days; $37 per month

As an Aspire Walker, you get:

  • 40% Commission
  • 1 Tier Payout
  • Member’s Area
  • Starter Training Videos
  • Sales Funnels
  • Personal Coach

Aspire Hiker

Price: $67 per month

As an Aspire Hiker, you get:

  • 60% Commision
  • 2 Tier Payout
  • Member’s Area
  • Starter Training Videos
  • Weekly Training
  • Monthly Conference Calls
  • Additional Sales Funnels
  • Personal Coach
  • Tools and Resources

Aspire Climber

Price: $127 per month

As an Aspire Climber, you get:

  • 60% Commision
  • 2 Tier Payout
  • Member’s Area
  • Starter Training Videos
  • Weekly Training
  • Live Climber Training
  • Monthly Conference Calls
  • Additional Sales Funnels
  • Personal Coach
  • Tools and Resources
  • Sales Assistance
  • Done-For Solutions
  • Traffic Solutions

If you’re already a little confused, think of it this way.  An Aspire membership is actually the affiliate marketing program of Digital Altitude, and the other memberships, described below, are the products.  Your commission is based on the memberships you sell as well as the memberships your team sells.


Second Membership: Base

Price: $595

baseWith a Base membership, you get some video training, divided into three sections:

  1. Prepare
  2. Launch
  3. Grow

Each section consists of four training modules.


  • Module #1: Setting the right business goals and preparing for your path to success
  • Module #2: The fundamentals – business planning, entity formation, business banking, and accounting made easy
  • Module #3: Create captivating branding and design that kicks your sales engine into overdrive
  • Module #4: Establishing your web presence for massive traffic and conversions


  • Module #5: How to launch your business so loud the customers come running
  • Module #6: How to create a killer social media campaign to get the word out
  • Module #7: The 5 key secrets of analytics that drive results, not just report them
  • Module #8: The 5 things every entrepreneur must do when launching a business


  • Module #9: How to run lean, bootstrap, and optimize your business for long-term profits
  • Module #10: Create a captivating customer experience that reels ’em in and keeps ’em hooked
  • Module #11: How to build a cult-like tribe that hangs on your every word
  • Module #12: How to build automated systems that save time and make you money while you sleep


Third Membership: Rise

Price: $1,997

riseWith a Rise Membership, you get still more video training, divided into three sections:

  • Commit
  • Rise
  • Create

Each section consists of four training modules.


  • Module #1: Making a commitment to success as a marketer in the digital age
  • Module #2: The fundamental mindset shift that will generate more success than any other
  • Module #3: How to use the irrationality of the market to your favor to create buzz for your products
  • Module #4: The 80/20 rule of customers – how to find the elusive 20% who generate 80% of your sales, and how this can free you


  • Module #5: How to identify the emotional trigger buttons in your prospects that practically force them to buy
  • Module #6: How to identify and attract the perfect customer 99% of the time
  • Module #7: How to harness the timeless art of direct response to lower customer acquisition costs
  • Module #8: Why the unique demands of the information age require you to become an educational marketer


  • Module #9: How to create a brand name that sticks in your customers’ mind like a catchy pop song
  • Module #10: How to instantly trigger a powerful desire in your customers’ minds that almost forces them to buy
  • Module #11: How to create tiered marketing and product sequencing to capture repeat sales
  • Module #12: How to create a free tripwire front-end product that will have your visitors hungry to join your list


Fourth Membership: Ascend

Price: $9,997

ascendWith an Ascend membership, you get more training, but this time it is at a 3-day retreat in Las Vegas.  The price covers travel and accommodations for two.

Here is the agenda:

Day 1

  • Top 5 most profitable traffic sources
  • 6 strategies to scale traffic
  • 7-figure conversion hacks
  • 3 powerful funnel formulas

Day 2

  • The power of a personal brand
  • How to tell your story
  • Finding the guru in you
  • How to master video

Day 3

  • Increase conversions with analytics
  • How to create amazing content
  • How to work smarter with outsourcing
  • How to build a team


Fifth Membership: Peak

Price: $16,997

peakWith a Peak membership, you are getting more in-person training in Las Vegas, this time at a 5-day retreat.

Here is the agenda:

Day 1

  • How to scale your digital business
  • Creating joint ventures
  • Adding massive value
  • Find the best talent

Day 2

  • 6 strategies for awesome accounting
  • Creating a solid organization
  • Motivating a winning team
  • Prepare your legal entity

Day 3

  • 7 sales growth strategies
  • Creating powerful presentations
  • Creating customers for life
  • The power of influence

Day 4

  • Time management and productivity
  • Create more efficiency in your business
  • How to automate 80% of your business
  • Create more time freedom

Day 5

  • How to raise more capital
  • Create more cash flow
  • The 5 big financial mistakes to avoid
  • How 7-figure earners did it


Sixth Membership: Apex

Price: $27,997

apexThis is the top membership at Digital Altitude.  With an Apex membership, you get more in-person training, this time at a 7-day retreat.

Here is the agenda:

Day 1

  • How to become financially free
  • How to create additional income
  • Build streams of cash flow
  • Secure your retirement income

Day 2

  • How the rich get richer
  • Fund your investments with OPM
  • Take control of your financial future
  • How to beat Wall Street

Day 3

  • Boost your financial IQ
  • Leverage secrets
  • Invest like the rich
  • Create long-term wealth strategies

Day 4

  • The inner game of wealth
  • How to stay wealthy for life
  • Your financial thermostat
  • The law of attraction

Day 5

  • Win the credit score game
  • How to create your own bank
  • Create a tax-free retirement
  • How the rich use IRA’s

Day 6

  • Awesome asset protection
  • Ultra rich legal tax strategies
  • Risk management tactics
  • Annuity analysis

Day 7

  • Rising real estate
  • Hidden markets and no money down
  • Wholesaling and rehabbing profits
  • Time tested tax liens


The Test

network-marketingIn my Introduction to Multi-Level Marketing, I list a number of questions to consider when investigating MLM companies.  I will address some of those questions here.

1. Would you buy the product even if you cannot make money as a distributor?  The product here is the training.  While some of the training may be generally applicable to all business, the majority of it is targeted at training you to sell memberships.  And once you consider that you can get an MBA at a state college that would provide far more business training than you can get a Digital Altitude for a fraction of what it costs to work your way through all the memberships, I think the answer to this is a resounding, “No!”

2. How is the compensation plan structured?  Is it fair?  Let’s see… how does it work?  You have to buy a monthly Aspire membership for $37 to $127 just to earn the right to sell higher-level memberships.  And the worst part of it is that you can only earn commissions for your current level of membership.  So let’s say you are an Aspire Climber, and you sell an Apex membership for $27,997.  You would think your commission would be $16,798, but you would be wrong.  Your commission would be $0 because you are not an Apex member.  You would have to fork up the $27,997 to earn the commission.  In other words, you are required to purchase the product you are trying to sell.  Therefore, the answer to this question is another resounding, “No!”

3.  How far down in your organization do sales count toward your commissions?  It depends on whether you are an Aspire Walker (1 tier), Hiker (2 tier) or Climber (3 tier).  The more you pay, the more tiers you get paid for.


One Big Problem

Pyramid Scheme
Pyramid Scheme?

Is Digital Altitude a pyramid scheme?  I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t say for sure.  But I can tell you that even if it’s not, it comes as close to a pyramid scheme as it can without actually being one.  Here’s why.

A pyramid scheme is an organization that earns the majority of its money not by selling its products, but instead selling memberships.  In the case of Digital Altitude, the product is training on how to sell memberships.  It’s a distinction without a difference.

Another aspect of pyramid schemes is that they force you to buy the product in order to earn commissions.  This is clearly the case with Digital Altitude as well.


Final Verdict

Rating Recap

thumbs-downDigital Altitude

Overall Rating: onestar

Price: Varies

Owner: Michael Force

Website: http://www.digitalaltitude.co


There are so many problems with this product that I would actually classify it as a scam.  In summary, here are the problems:

  1. Outrageous price levels.  If you can afford to pay these prices, why are you looking for ways to make money?
  2. You have to buy the product to sell it.
  3. The main product is training on how to sell the product to others.
  4. A lot of information on the topics covered in the training can be found through Google.  Go ahead.  Try it.
  5. There are much better alternatives for making money online (see below).
  6. This is either a pyramid scheme or darn close to one.

Bottom line: Stay away from this one and anyone who tries to sell it to you.


If not Digital Altitude, Then What?

I am so glad you asked.  If you want to learn how to make money online, my #1 Recommended Product is Wealthy Affiliate.  You can check out my detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

You won’t find any of the Digital Altitude negatives at Wealthy Affilaite.

  1. There are no outrageous price levels.  You can get started with a FREE Starter Account, and there is only one upsell: a $47 per month Premium Membership.  You are under no obligation to upgrade.
  2. You don’t have to sell Wealthy Affiliate memberships at all.  You can if you want, but the purpose of the program is to teach you to make money in any niche you choose.
  3. Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM company, so there are no pyramid problems.
  4. There is a huge network of support at Wealthy Affiliate.

Check out the comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Digital Altitude.


If you have tried Digital Altitude and want to share your experiences, I would love to hear them.  Just drop me a comment below.

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “What is Digital Altitude? – Beware!

  1. I am always amazed at tthe amount of scams that are out there just waiting to get your hard earn money and you would think by now that the word have already out and that this kind of news should be all to people. But sad as it seeems their are still peole who are either desperate or have not heard of these scams as yet, but if is to ture to believe then I would not belive nor will I take the dive

  2. Hi Andy,
    Very thorough article on this program and what they offer with the different levels. I have found it mind blowing how expensive it is though! You could end up spending a fortune on it. Furthermore, I am extremely suspicious on potential pyramid schemes which are nevertheless illegal in many countries. Thanks for sharing and raising awareness. Best regards.

    1. This is definitely one to avoid, Jose.  It’s frustrating because there are legitimate ways to make money online, but schemes like this one make the rest look bad.  I’m actually glad I found Wealthy Affiliate before I fell for something like this.

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