WorldVentures Review – Is It a Scam?


Let me start by saying that WorldVentures is a multi-level marketing company whose product I have not purchased nor sold.  Therefore, my review is limited to information available to non-members and not information that members would have.

Wayne & DanWorldVentures

Overall Rating: two-stars-up

Product Price: Varies

Opportunity Price: $100 + $10/Month

Owners: Wayne Nugent and Dan Stammen



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DreamtripsWorldVentures offers membership in its vacation travel club, called Dream Trips.  According to the company’s website, a membership in Dream Trips offers:

  • Access to curated experiences around the world
  • Amazing cruise specials
  • Discounts on things you do every day
  • Loyalty program

There are also Gold and Platinum memberships in Dream Trips, each of which offers additional benefits.

The company uses a separate portal at for booking travel.  I checked the portal to compare the prices of their trips to those of other sites.  There were a lot of great trips on there, with great promotional pictures to go with them.  They have exotic vacations, such as:

  • Cruise the Aegean Sea by Party Yacht
  • Culture and Cuisine in Los Cabos
  • Zip Lining and History in Puerto Rico
  • Tropical Vistas on St. Thomas

…to name a few.  However, every trip has this annoying tidbit next to it: Sign in for Member Price.  There is no way to determine what the prices are unless you are already a member, which means there is no way to evaluate whether the membership is worth it.

WorldVentures is a multi-level marketing company, so in addition to purchasing a membership in Dream Trips, you can also sell memberships.  Selling memberships earns you a waive of your own membership fee first, followed by income once the membership waive requirement has been met.


Pros and Cons


  • Hundreds of great trips
  • Opportunity to waive membership fee and earn extra income for good salespeople
  • Group travel opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities (Gold and Platinum Memberships)


  • Lack of transparency (trip prices)
  • Must travel with other members
  • Need to be a good salesperson to waive membership and earn money


Who is WorldVentures For?

WorldVentures is for:

  • People who don’t want to be bothered searching for travel deals
  • Great salespeople
  • People who prefer traveling in groups
  • People who may want to do volunteer work while traveling

WorldVentures is not for:

  • People who are not great at sales
  • People who don’t like traveling in groups
  • People who don’t mind researching and finding the best travel deals


Tools and Training

There is no mention of training at the WorldVentures website.  However, being a multi-level marketing company, I am sure you have your upline available to help train you in sales techniques.  Also, most multi-level marketing companies have literature to help sell their products.   However, these techniques are typically only shared with independent dealers, so there is no way to evaluate those aspects of WorldVentures without actually joining the company.



There is no mention of support at the WorldVentures website.  However, research has indicated that in addition to the dealer’s upline, local dealers set up periodic seminars to which you can invite your prospective members.



There are three membership levels.  Unfortunately, the company’s brochure does not indicate the price of the basic membership.

  • Basic Membership – Price not Disclosed
  • Gold Membership – $199.99 + 54.99 / Month
  • Platinum Membership – $299.99 + 99.99 / Month


Compensation Plan

Organizational corporate hierarchy chart of a company of symbol people.

WorldVentures’ compensation plan can be seen here.

I find the organizational structure somewhat confusing.  It appears to use a “lineage organization” to determine your own personal membership sales, and a “binary organization” to determine your commissions based on your team’s sales.  Also, some of the commissions and bonuses are not disclosed.  Here are some milestones:

  • Each membership sale – Direct Commission
  • Sponsor three (3) members in 28 days – Personal Sales Bonus
  • Maintain four (4) sponsored members – Membership Fee Waived
  • Maintain five (5) sponsored members & generate $2,999 in sales (lineage organization) – $300 / Month
  • Maintain six (6) sponsored members & generate $4,999 in sales (lineage organization) – $900 / Month
  • Three (3) sales on left and right side of binary organization – $100 (maximum weekly)

Additional monthly bonuses can be achieved as a member advances in level.  This is typical of multi-level marketing organizations.


Comparison to Wealthy Affiliate

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As you can tell from my review, I find Wealthy Affiliate one of the best sites for learning to make money online.  Therefore, I like to compare other income opportunities to Wealthy Affiliate to see how they stack up.



Final Opinion

I cannot recommend WorldVentures for the following reasons:

Reason #1: It fails the number one rule for evaluating multi-level marketing opportunities.  When evaluating multi-level marketing opportunities, the first question I always ask is, “Would I buy the product even if there were no income opportunity associated with it?”  Since WorldVentures does not disclose the trip prices to non-members, the answer to this question is, “Who the heck knows?”

Reason #2: Membership fees can be waived only by continuing to maintain four (4) sponsored members.  This may seem easy to do, and it may very well be easy for an experienced salesperson.  However, most people will have trouble selling memberships, especially without disclosing trip prices.

Reason #3: Compensation seems low.  Not all commissions and bonuses are disclosed in the literature I was able to access, but the highest I could find was $3,000 paid monthly.  This is a decent second income, but the amount of time and effort needed to achieve this income would probably require dedicating yourself full time.

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If you have experiences with WorldVentures, both positive and negative, I would love to hear about them.  Just drop me a Comment below.

Have a great day!



6 thoughts on “WorldVentures Review – Is It a Scam?

  1. This is such a helpful review! Love the ‘who is it for’ section as I think this is something a lot of reviews fail to cover and straight away I could see this probably wasn’t for me.
    There are just so many tempting ventures out there and I’ve been drawn in a few times. Very interesting to see the comparison to Wealthy Affiliate too!!

    1. Hi, Claire. I try to a, “Who is it for?” section in my reviews because even the best income opportunities are not going to be “for” everyone. I think it’s important to find good opportunities, but it is also important to find opportunities that are a good fit for us.

  2. a great website wow i like the way its laid out and a very good flow and read to the content and i also the call to action fits in with the content i need to know how to do that also as i put my self in the person looking for a way to earn more income you are telling me what i can do and how to do it.

    1. Thank you for the comments, Lucero. If there is anything I can help with, don’t hesitate to ask.

  3. To be blatantly honest with you my opinion hit the floor after I read the first couple of lines of your review including ‘mulit level marketing’ or ‘MLM’.
    No time for these types of marketing efforts or the products they try and flog – they’ve made many, many people hit desperation in the past!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Chris. I fully understand your low opinion of MLM. I think there are some good actors out there, but there are enough bad actors that many people have developed a negative opinion of the entire industry. I have an article on MLM, and you can check it out here if you like.

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